Prices published in the rate on this page are approximate and have the VAT included. In any case remember that prices are subject to possible modifications without prior notice as the updates are not made instantly. If the value of the product increases considerably, the customer will be informed before serving.

Payments will be made by bank transfer, credit card, cash on delivery or cash. No orders that have not been paid before will be served.

The formulation of an order by any means supposes the acceptance of all our conditions of sale.

All items are guaranteed in the form and term established by your manufacturer. Due to the peculiarity of each article, the coverages, conditions and management of the guarantee of each product will always be those established by its manufacturer. Some products such as ropes, cables, culatines, lights, feathers, silencers, torques, etc., are not guaranteed. Items damaged without repair will be replaced by the same item.

For the correct management of the guarantees of the products acquired at MG Archery, the presentation of the original purchase invoice is mandatory.

In order to carry out the management of a guarantee, a return or change of material, you must request prior authorization to the phone 607 602 119 / 605 029 911 or E-mail: and you will be informed of the following steps.

MG Archery is not responsible for negligence, misuse, legality of use, or damage caused to persons by the use of materials sold. Caution, improper use, lack of safety or an inadequate combination of bows and arrows can cause serious injury to persons and to Archer himself. Always check the condition of your material and follow the safety instructions of a competent Monitor. Have your bow properly legalized with the relevant licenses and insurance.